Coaching Services and Fees

The service to be provided by MomCoachCLC can be coaching in person, Skype, FaceTime, phone or email coaching. The structure of coaching is flexible to suit the client’s individual needs and schedule. Our initial phone call will provided each of us with the information needed to assist with coaching. The next phase is to completion of these forms, and then we can proceed to schedule our initial coaching session. You can expect this initial session to last 1.5 – 2 hours.

Breastfeeding Counseling

Services Include:

  • Breastfeeding education prior to the birth can be done via FaceTime or by phone.
  • Breastfeeding assessment after birth at hospital (if local) or at home.
  • Breastfeeding support follow-up calls 24 to 48 hours after arriving home from the hospital or birth center.
  • Breast milk pumping and storage information.

$125 per hour

  • For additional Breastfeeding support for first 3 months

$200 package

  • Breastfeeding questions and additional support via FaceTime or by phone.

$30 for 30 minutes.

Breastfeeding Counseling

Positive Parenting Service

Joy offers parenting questions for the different ages and stages of development. First year includes; sleep training, baby comfort measures, establishing routines for daily family life, and bedtime routines.  Joy incorporates thoughtful discussions on topics immediately relevant to your individual parenting needs. With Joy you will receive personal suggestions and set personal goals to become a better parent. Parenting resource information is based on the Positive Parenting Discipline Education method.  This method empowers parents with tools and information to help develop stronger, calmer, and more connected relationships with their children.  The program guides children in becoming responsible and respectful adults.

Parenting Coaching Fee

$75 per hour

Breastfeeding Support Group

It is very crucial to have a strong support group from the start. Joy’s breastfeeding support group is a great way to connect with breastfeeding mothers once a month and address your breastfeeding needs and questions. Joy helps when breastfeeding experiences do not go as planned. Joy knows what it takes to overcome obstacles and facilitates that loving mommy-baby connection. A breastfeeding support group is a great way to meet other moms that share the same questions and feelings you may be experiencing. Joy offers a non-judgment environment for each mother to reach her own specific breastfeeding goals.

Location and time to be announced.

Big Kids and Babies Sibling Transition Class

This is a wonderful class to prepare the BIG brother, or BIG sister with what to expect when their new sibling arrives home.  This class offers advice on what to do before the new sibling arrives and what to expect after the baby comes home.  This information will definitely ensure a smooth transition for the new family. This class can be given to individual families, or group classes.

Location and time to be announced.

"Discover Me”, Mommy and Me Classes

You may be your child’s first teacher, but your child also has a lot to teach you.

Discover your child as your child discovers a world full of other children and high quality, age-appropriate, stimulating fun. We offer songs, stories, music/movement, tactile activities that can  be repeated at home. The foundation of many friendships are made in this class.

Location and time to be announced.