I have had the pleasure of knowing Joy Saley for over twenty three years. Joy has been an excellent breast-feeding support specialist to my patients. She is extremely competent, dedicated and personable. Joy has also been involved at the hospital as a doula and lactation counselor. Our patients have always giving positive feedback to Joy. She is so passionate about her job that she continues to make herself available, by phone, hundreds of miles away from our location. I very highly recommend Joy for any position or endeavor she may seek to pursue.

Reynald Pouliot, MD

"I met Joy Saley on May 24 at Holy Cross Hospital. The date was very special because it was my birthday and I was just blessed with a baby boy the day before. He arrived 6 weeks early via emergency C-section where both he and I almost lost our lives. I was pretty groggy that day and I remember that Joy came in to visit me in my room.  She had heard that I wanted to breastfeed.  She was very easy to talk to and even shared a little about her experience as a mother of two. She not only schooled me about breastfeeding, but she also settled my nerves about the miraculous delivery I just gone through. I remember really liking her demeanor and genuine quality about her. After about 5 days, I left the hospital and felt very comfortable breastfeeding after all the knowledge Joy has shared with me. Three months later, I returned to Holy Cross Hospital to attend a Discover Me Mommy and Me Class. I was so surprised to see Joy Saley was the teacher. I immediately remembered her and stuck with her class for quite some time. Joy was a wonderful instructor/coach for all the the new moms there. She had a great way of building friendships and because of her some of my closest friends came from that class and our kids continue to be good friends too! I would recommend Joy Saley to any new family that needs help wutg breastfeeding, parenting classes and or as a resource for all things “baby”!

Rosita Darden

“Dear Miss Joy,  Matthew and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your love and support.  Being a new mom can be very challenging.  I am very grateful for your advice and cheerfulness.  You have made the scary parts of being a new parent a lot of fun!!!”

Love, Heather and Matthew Rose

“Joy it was a pleasure taking your classes at Holy Cross Hospital.  It was a pleasure learning from you and meeting other new Mommies.  So happy you are continuing to share your knowledge with others.  You are a great asset to the community!”

Lisa Vunkannon-Roberts

“Joy was the best and helped me when my baby was born 5 weeks early and had a hard time latching on. She helped me through a very stressful time and I’m so appreciative.”

Joyce Fusco DiGiore

“Just a little over one year ago, I was a lost new Mommy with a tiny little baby and I had no clue!  From the moment you visited Parker and I in our hospital room, you made us feel happy and secure. Thank you for making our transition into the “Mommy and Me” world a wonderful and fun one.  Without you and you program, I don't know what we would have done. Thanks for being such a special part of our lives.”

Kris and Parker Lindsay

“I remember calling Joy when Dylan was 4 days old… freaking out…is he getting enough milk??? I can’t tell if the diaper is wet… my husband wanted me to use formula!!! Joy helped me immensely, speaking to me from Florida to California. To all new clients you are lucky to be supported by such a loving nurturing woman…you can not do better then Joy!”

Karen McCarthy

“You are a treasure to moms and babies.  You have so much insight, wisdom, resources and especially service.  Your love and caring care will be an inspiration to all new mothers”

Karen Deerwester
Family Time, Owner/Consultant

“Joy Saley = a gift from above!  I don't know where I would be without her!!!  6 1/2 years ago, she guided me through new mommy-hood in so many ways.  She is a fabulous lactation specialist, teaching my newborn and I how to breastfeed!  She is a wealth of knowledge in so many “baby” ways.  Any questions you may have, she has a variety of options and answers.  She has the experience and knowledge to help you make your first few years as a parent enjoyable, positive, peaceful and calm.  I highly recommend her services. In fact, I still use her services and my children are 6 1/2 and 4 years old! I love you Joy!”

Janice Roeder Forsgren

“I met Joy 6 years ago when I attended her Discover Me class at Holy Cross Hospital.  It was such a great experience for my daughter and I. Some of the moms I met in her class have become some of my closest  friends.  It is so cute that we have seen each other’s kids grow, and the kids have remained close also.  The kids weren't even walking at the time of her class and were able to start school together and still love to play together.  Joy has such a fabulous class and is such a wonderful resource for any baby issues you need to know about.”

Linda Sandal Schwartz

“Thanks for all your support and enthusiasm to new moms!  I have experienced your Mommy and Me classes with both my children and you will always be a part of my early mommy-hood memories. I will never forget when I first met you at Holy Cross Hospital right after giving birth and how you helped to get Joseph to “latch on”.  You helped make breastfeeding a natural step in my son’s life. You are awesome at what you do, not only in breastfeeding, but I love how you share your family values and family experiences with you.  Thank you for sharing your wonderful stories with us. You are a SUPER mom coach!”

Darlene De Paula Jones

“There are so many moms out there who needs your help (and don’t even know it!) What a huge difference to have you there at the beginning to help me - not only in the hospital but in the days, weeks and months afterward.”

Dana Bruno Weiss

“Congrats to all the new Moms out there that get to have the support, knowledge and encouragement from Joy!  Her happy go lucky, warm and loving ways will make your experience of breast-feeding stress free and memorable forever!   I am so grateful for all the Joy, Joy has brought to me and my family! Best of luck Joy, I am so happy you followed your passion! You are the best “booby lady” Your company WILL help so many Moms.”

Cheryl Feinberg Feines

“I still remember the day you held me as I cried, when my first child was hospitalized for jaundice.  You told me to take a photo of her in the incubator.  I thought you were nuts! I didn't understand she would be okay. Then you taught me to play with my child in discovery classes.  I remember you being there when my second child was born.  You sat both kids down and you were the one who introduced my daughter to her new baby brother.  You taught her to use a bottle.  You will always be so special to me!  Because of you, I nursed for 2.5 years! xoxo"

Carrie Pavicic Andersen

“As a brand new mother, unsure of my confidence in my decisions I was making for my baby and a bit timid of exploring the world outside my comfy home - I met Joy!  Being a new mom, Joy immediately made me feel I was not alone.  I found comfort in her words of encouragement.  She helped build my self esteem as a new mother and as a woman. At this time in my life I had new choices/decisions to make for my family and she helped me see it was okay to falter.  Just keep trying, or try something new.  Joy has such a gentleness about her.  She truly cares for the babies AND mothers. I can't imagine experiencing that first year of my daughter's life without Joy in it, she was such a huge part of it.  Thank you Joy!  Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for you.”

Jenn Campanella