Breastfeeding Support Groups

It is very crucial to have a strong support group from the start. Joy’s breastfeeding support group is a great way to connect with breastfeeding mothers once a month and address your breastfeeding needs and questions.

Mommy and Me Classes

You may be your child’s first teacher, but your child also has a lot to teach you. Discover your child as your child discovers a world full of other children and high quality, age-appropriate, stimulating fun.

Positive Parenting Service

Joy offers parenting questions for the different ages and stages of development. First year includes; sleep training, baby comfort measures, establishing routines for daily family life, and bedtime routines.

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Getting Started with Breastfeeding

How wonderful that you are interested in breastfeeding. Mother’s milk is known to be the ideal food for our babies. Mothers and babies who breastfeed are healthier in many ways.

Getting it right from the start

Bring a knowledgeable support person to the hospital during labor.

This person should offer lots of loving support (massage, attention, ect) to the laboring mother.

Limit pain medication as much as possible.

Babies are better able to breastfeed well when they have not been exposed to pain medication given to their mother during labor.

Hold baby skin-to-skin in mom’s arms right after birth for the first hour or more.

This helps calm the baby and mom, and improves baby’s stability.

Watch the baby for signs that baby is ready to attempt the first feeding (we call these signs “feeding cues”).

These cues include baby hands massage the breast area, baby bringing his/her hands to mouth, baby seeks the nipple, baby salivates. These cues are usually seen around 1 hour after birth.

Allow baby to latch onto the breast whenever cues are seen.

Babies may not nurse long or well at the first several feedings. That’s OK- these feedings are about learning, not so much about food. Ask for help with positioning from the nurse or breast feeding helper.

Keep baby with you throughout the hospital stay so you can learn his/ her feeding cues.

Offer the breast whenever cues are seen. Newborn babies should nurse 10-12 times or so every 24 hours.

Ask for help if feeding is at all uncomfortable.

Nursing should never hurt. It’s important that your baby learns to nurse well.

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